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A primary function of the system is to warn of the presence of chatter and other abnormal vibrations while grinding. It is particularly applicable to machines that are not always continuously manned as it records a vibration history for the roll and also computes a cumulative Roll Quality Index (RQI) which provides a simple indication of the likelihood of the presence of chatter marks in the surface of the roll. The status of the RQI alarm at the end of the grind helps the operator to judge whether he should pass the roll or whether more finishing passes are needed to get rid of any chatter marks.

More detailed information can be found in the brochure and detailed information sheet available at the Downloads page.

UNIVIB also offers a worldwide, rapid-response, on-site service for the troubleshooting of roll grinder chatter and other grinding machine vibration problems

The AVAS Grinder Module is a rapid response computerised vibration monitoring system that helps Roll Shops to ensure that the rolls that they supply to the rolling mills are free of grinder chatter marks and other unwanted surface defects