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UNIVIB Ltd is a limited company registered in England, number 6398939 - VAT No. GB 920 3672 44

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UNIVIB was formed in October 2007 by a number of ex-AMTRI (The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute) specialist engineers.

Our mission is to always do our absolute utmost to help our clients to improve the quality of their products and the productivity of their manufacturing processes in the most cost-effective manner possible.

In the fulfillment of this mission we are pleased to offer the same services and products in the field machinery performance testing and improvement that we have for the last 30 years or more at AMTRI.

If you were one of the many clients of AMTRI that engaged its services or, equally, if you are new to us, and you need to improve the performance of your production machinery, we can help:

- solve problems of excess vibration or noise.
- find the cause of poor accuracy, repeatability.
- rectify problems of poor surface finish.
- identify ways of improving productivity.
- provide an expert second opinion on a new design of machine.
- provide regular condition monitoring of your plant.
- educate and train your young development engineers in the methods of keeping vibration and noise under control.

We also manufacture specialist vibration monitoring systems for application to machinery used in the production of strip metal, including rolling mills, roll grinding machines and levellers.

Uniquely, where necessary, we are able to augment our own expertise with the resources avaialble the following organisations:

Headlands Consulting