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It is semi-portable and can either be installed permanently on a particular machine or can be easily moved from machine to machine, as desired. It incorporates a highly sensitive, non-contact displacement transducer mounted to the wheelhead that is used to measure the topography of a roll surface on completion of grinding. The system is capable of detecting regular marks with a depth as small as 0.05 µm, these being invisible to the naked eye.

A brochure and detailed information sheet can be obtained at our Downloads page.
A short movie of Chatter_Detect in action can be supplied - contact us if you are interested.

When rolling steel and aluminium strip, especially that designed for applications that demand high quality surfaces such as automotive, can-stock and litho, it is imperative that rolls are free of grinder chatter or other regular banding marks. Chatter_Detect is a post-process inspection system designed to help roll shop personnel to ensure that the surfaces of finish ground rolls are free of chatter marks before dispatching them to the mill.