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It is generally well recognised that a good predictive maintenance programme can save a large amount of money in the long term through lost production through unplanned stops. Most utilities and manufacturing companies using industrial processes have operated predictive maintenance programmes involving conditioning monitoring of their plant for years.

UNIVIB engineers have implemented comprehensive condition monitoring programmes for some of the largest manufacturing companies in the metals industry over the years, and have also carried out numerous focussed programmes for smaller companies too.

A number of steel producers use make use of our engineers' expertise, for example, in the routine monitoring of many items of plant in hot strip mills, including finishing stand gearboxes, roughing mill drives, crop shears, and numerous motors, pumps and fans. We have also been contracted, for over a decade in some cases, to provide regular vibration monitoring on all grinding machines in a number of roll shops.

Manufacturers of litho plate have employed our vibration analysis services as part of condition monitoring programmes on their coating lines.

A manufacturer of aircraft window systems has also made the most of UNIVIB engineer's expertise in a regular vibration test programme carried out on its line of polishing machines

UNIVIB offers:

- the design of an appropriate condition monitoring programme to suit specific needs, including the identification of critical machinery.
- to implement such a plan by carrying out regular vibration analysis, supplemented by other forms of analysis (thermography, oil debris analysis, etc.) as required.
- to maintain a database of the results and to provide earliest possible warning of any machinery that is considered to be likely to fail imminently and giving notice impending failures so that planned maintenance tasked can be scheduled accordingly.

If you think we might be of assistance to you in heloing to maximise your machinery up-time and thus your productivity, then get in touch.