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UNIVIB Ltd is a limited company registered in England, number 6398939 - VAT No. GB 920 3672 44

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UNIVIB can offer help at most stages in the design process that is shown in the adjacent idealised design process flowchart, but most particularly at the design review and prototype measurement and test stages. Call us if you would like to grasp the opportunity to maximise the chances of "getting it right first time."


One of our greatest strengths lies in the experience we have gained over many years in the analysis of the resonant behaviour of structures. Detailed modal analyses have been carried out on literally hundreds of structures of all types. Structures we have tested range from as small as a contact lens turning machine to as large as a steel rolling mill - we have even tested an X-ray camera which was launched into space on a Nasa shuttle. This invaluable experience puts us in a unique position to be able to offer informed guidance in structural design, particularly in the design of new machinery of all types.