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Note that UNIVIB also offers a range of vibration monitoring systems for permanent installation on roll grinding machines that can be used as a tool to help operators manage difficult to solve problems. See our AVAS for roll grinders page for more details.            back -

Our investigations are always followed by detailed Technical Reports, in which the results are described and our recommendations for a solution are presented. In many cases, we are able to apply low-cost, highly effective solutions such as tuned vibration absorbers, such as those shown in the photos below

Examples of these can be found at our Tuned Dampers page. To date we have fitted wheelhead and spindle dampers to around 40 different roll grinding machines and in most cases these have completely eliminated the problem of grinder chatter.

If you are trying to track down
the source of strip chatter, mill
chatter vibration, or if you
already suspect that your roll
grinding machine is producing
grinder chatter, then contact
us and we will be pleased to
apply our many years
experience analysing roll
grinder vibration to your

In the second phase, we use our large electrohydraulic shaker and modal analysis to identify the resonant characteristics of the structure - this procedure enables us identify the root cause of any self-excited chatter instability we encountered during the grinding trials. After modal analysis has been carried out, the deflection modes are displayed in exaggerated, slow-motion, 3-d animation, so that the flexibilities of the structure responsible for the resonances can be identified. Using this technique it is possible to establish the main flexibilities in the structure which are responsible for the resonance, and hence the root cause of the chatter instability.