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UNIVIB's AVAS system Installed at IMPOL 2000, d.d

IMPOL Aluminium, based in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia, is one of Europe's leading producers of premium quality aluminium foil. One of the major challenges faced by those tasked with the grinding of the type of long, slender rolls that have to be used in foil mills is the highly resonant and "lively" nature of the rolls themselves which makes them difficult to grind without chatter whatever type of grinding machine is used. As a result these types of roll have to be ground very slowly to minimise unwanted vibrations.

To help with this task, IMPOL decided to order UNIVIB's AVAS vibration monitoring system for application to its Herkules work roll grinding machine. AVAS provides an extremely useful tool for the operator to help him to grind such slender rolls more quickly with maximum stability and minimum vibration.

The sensitivity of the system is enhanced for these applications by the use of a specially designed transducer mount.

Installation of the system at IMPOL has been successfully completed and the system is now helping reduce grinding cycle times whilst maintaining highest possible quality and is therefore improving productivity in the roll shop.