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UNIVIB's AVAS system installed at Meyer Aluminium, Hong Kong                Français

Meyer Aluminium Ltd., based in Hong Kong, is the world's leading producer of aluminium circles, a product that is used in cookware, reflector and ventilation applications. Following a recent audit of its roll grinding operations, Meyer decided to order an AVAS-Lite vibration monitoring system for application to its Yomis roll grinding machine. Grinding of long, slender rolls typically used in the aluminium industry always presents a challenge, whatever the machine used for the job, because the rolls themselves are highly resonant and "lively". AVAS provides an extremely useful tool for the operator to help him to grind such rolls with maximum stability and minimum vibration. Installation of the system at Meyer was successfully completed in late 2013 and is now helping to ensure the quality of their rolls is even better than ever before.

UNIVIB recently won a contract for the supply of an AVAS Lite vibration monitoring system to Meyer Aluminium Ltd. Hong Kong for application to their Yomis roll grinding machine