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Ground Vibration Transmitted to Houses Surrounding Textile Factory Reduced Tenfold

Simplex Knitting Company, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of warp knitted fabric, commissioned UNIVIB to carry out a floor vibration survey at its factory in Nottingham.

The company used to be just one of several located on an industrial estate in Chilwell, Nottingham. Commencing operations in 1960, Simplex went from strength to strength over the years, but most of the other companies closed up with the result that the Simplex factory is now surrounded by recently-built houses. Such is the nature of the construction of modern houses, a couple of its closest new neighbours had complained that vibration from the knitting machines was transmitting through the ground and causing some disturbance within their properties.

During a site survey carried out both at the factory and the affected properties, UNIVIB was able to identify which of the knitting machines were responsible for the vibration transmission and to recommend the type of vibration isolation mounting system that would be needed to reduce the transmission of vibration from them.

After the recommended modifications had been implemented by Simplex, a repeat survey was carried out and it was established that the vibration levels on the floor on the factory and in the affected properties had been reduced by at least a factor of ten. The owners of the properties declared themselves satisfied with the resulting improvement.