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Texturing Technology Ltd Upgrade to AVAS 4

Texturing Technology Ltd (TTL) provides roll grinding, texturing and plating services to the customers that include Tata Steel at their Port Talbot and Llanwern works. TTL recently chose to upgrade the AVAS vibration monitoring systems installed on their three roll grinding machines to the latest software version. The latest software runs using existing hardware.

The advantages of upgrading to AVAS 4 are:

a) Future-proofing. AVAS 3 works with NI-DAQ traditional and the last Windows operating system for which a driver is available is Windows 7 32 bit. AVAS 4, however, is written for NI-DAQmx and will happily run in Windows 8 and 10 and will be upgradable for the forseable future.
b) More and better communications options, including TCP/IP and XML input data files.
c) Improved signature analysis.
d) Internal state engine that can perform logic operations and support more flexible alarms and status reporting.
e) System logs that record all alarms and state changes. This helps to diagnose process problems after the event.

The upgraded systems will give TTL the tools they need to help them to continue to ensure the rolls they supply are of the highest possible surface quality long into the future