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UNIVIB Now Into its FourthYear!                                                                        Français

It has now been over three years since UNIVIB was inaugurated - the company being formed in late 2007 following the closure of AMTRI. And what a busy three years it has been! Our principal engineers, Brian Hardwick and Youssef Benhafsi, have been globe-trotting to parts of the world not encountered when they were employed by AMTRI.

Major mill and grinder chatter studies have been carried out in steel and aluminium strip mills located in India, China, South Korea Thailand and the Middle East. In all such cases, UNIVIB transports its instrumentation to site, usually as checked baggage, so that the projects can commence at relatively short notice.


In almost all of the cases, to date, specific chatter vibration and strip marking problems have been either eliminated or seriously improved by the application of tuned mass dampers (TMDs). UNIVIB also continues to offer its condition monitoring service for the routine monitoring of the condition of specific equipment used in strip mills such as chock bearings, gear and pinion boxes, motor/pump sets, roll grinding machines and tension levellers.

If you have a chatter problem that you're struggling to solve then get in touch with us!