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UNIVIB Ltd is a limited company registered in England, number 6398939 - VAT No. GB 920 3672 44

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September 2015 - UNIVIB's AVAS system installed at IMPOL 2000, d.d

UNIVIB recently won a contract for the supply of an AVAS vibration monitoring system to IMPOL Aluminium, Slovenia, for application to their Herkules roll grinding machine.
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March 2015 - Texturing Technology Ltd Upgrade to AVAS 4

Texturing Technology Ltd. (TTL) have chosen to upgrade the AVAS vibration monitoring systems installed on their three roll grinding machines to AVAS 4                 Read more ...

November 2014 - Roll Inspection Systems Supplied to Novelis Oswego, USA

Novelis Oswego recently awarded a contract to UNIVIB for the supply of two roll surface inspection systems for use in its roll shop.                                                     Read more ...

November 2014 - Ground Vibration Transmitted to Houses Surrounding Textile Factory Reduced Tenfold

Simplex Knitting Company, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of warp knitted fabric, commissioned UNIVIB to carry out a floor vibration survey at its factory in Nottingham.
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September 2014 - UNIVIB Hosts Technical Seminar in Taiwan

Dr. Youssef Benhafsi recently travelled to Taiwan to present a seminar on the subject of measurement and control of vibration of machinery used in the strip metals industry.
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November 2013 - UNIVIB's AVAS system installed at Meyer Aluminium, Hong Kong

UNIVIB recently won a contract for the supply of an AVAS Lite vibration monitoring system to Meyer Aluminium Ltd. Hong Kong for application to their Yomis roll grinding machine.
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November 2011 - UNIVIB Now Into its FourthYear!

It has now been over three years since UNIVIB was inaugurated - the company being formed in late 2007 following the demise of AMTRI.                                                    Read more ...

February 2011 - New Version of AVAS Released for 2011

The latest version of UNIVIB's chatter-avoidance system, the "Advanced Vibration Analysis System" or AVAS" for short, has just been released.                                      Read more ...

March 2010 - Head for Heights?

UNIVIB recently won a contract for the condition monitoring of the motors and gearboxes in the machine houses of the unloaders at Tata Steel Strip Products UK's Port Talbot Works.
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01.08.2009 - UNIVIB Provides GARMCO With State-of-the-art Vibration Monitoring System

UNIVIB Ltd. has recently completed the commissioning of one of its AVAS vibration monitoring systems at Gulf Aluminium Rolling Company (GARMCO) located in The Kingdom of Bahrain.
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