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Precision sound level meters are used to measure the sound pressure emitted at key positions around the machinery and spectrum analysis of the sound pressure signals is carried out using our Hewlett-Packard 35670A dynamic signal analyser. All sources of noise have their characteristic frequencies and almost always these are speed dependent, so analysing the emitted sound for its frequency content allows our engineers to home in on and identify the source of the noise
As is the case with vibration problems, the source of the vibration is not always found to be abnormal and in these cases resonances of the machine components or its guarding is usually found to be magnifying the noise and emitting it like a "loudspeaker." Where appropriate, our investigations include identification of structural and local resonances using modal analysis techniques -see our modal analysis page for more details of this.

All our investigations are followed up with a detailed Technical Report in which the results are described and, if appropriate, recommendations for improvement are presented.

Recent projects have included: power station motor/pump sets, tablet making machines, transfer lines for engine manufacturing, hoists and nuclear fuel can manufacturing machines

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UNIVIB offers a rapid-response, on-site service for the troubleshooting of all types of machinery noise problem. Our noise consultants have over 30 years experience in the analysis and diagnosis of all types of industrial noise. Investigations are carried out on site using our portable analysis instrumentation.