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Salford, UK.
28th March 2011
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UNIVIB has recently won a contract to supply Uttam Galva Steels Ltd. with an integrated on-line vibration monitoring system covering a twin stand compact cold rolling mill and the two roll grinding machines that supply the mill with both work and back-up rolls. The AVAS monitoring systems will be installed at their flagship plant in Khopoli near Mumbai in India. As well as supplying high quality steel to the domestic market, this facility supplies over half of its prime production to more than 142 countries worldwide, winning numerous national Awards for Export Excellence as a result.

AVAS vibration monitoring systems will be installed on both the mill and the grinding machines to provide the operators of the plant with early warning of the onset of any abnormal vibrations that could affect the quality of the strip. The systems will also provide valuable information about the condition of the major mechanical components of the mill - by tracking and trending the levels of all of the usual exciters (such as gears and bearings, etc.) and warning if the levels of any of these increase above normal thresholds. All coil and roll vibration histories will be stored in a common database so that, should any issues occur, the historic data can be further analysed by means of queries to help track down the source.

The contract also includes the supply of UNIVIB's post-process roll inspection system, Chatter_Detect. This is a surface inspection tool for the use of the grinding machine operators that enables them to perform a quick, final check that rolls have been ground chatter free.

The installation of the vibration monitoring and roll inspection systems will allow Uttam Galva Steels to increase their productivity by rolling strip at even higher mill speeds with the confidence that their customers will continue to receive strip product with quality of the highest order. It will also provide a means of monitoring the condition of key mechanical components of the plant which will help to ensure that lost production time is kept to an absolute minimum.