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UNIVIB typically gets commissioned to carry out surveys of the floor vibration at the proposed sites of installation of grinding machines, coordinate measuring machines and sensitive measuring instruments such as speckle pattern interferometers. We have also been consulted about the likely isolation systems required when mounting service plant such as chillers on the roofs of new hospital buildings. Our reports always include practical advice on the types of isolation system that need to be considered.

Be sure to contact us for advice or to organise a site survey if you are in the process of installing sensitive machinery or instrumentation.

If you are intending to install sensitive equipment into a factory in which there may be vibration sources that might upset the operation of that equipment, then a survey of the ambient levels of floor vibration is a sensible precaution to take prior to committing to installation.

This is a service which UNIVIB engineers have offered for many years, using their various vibration sensors and portable analysis equipment. First, the amplitudes and frequencies of the floor vibration occurring as a result of other activities in the factory, or passing trains etc. are measured at the proposed site of a sensitive machine. Then the results of the measurements are reviewed in light of our experience of the resonant behaviour of such machines or against the information supplied by the manufacturer. This enables us to advise whether any special measures need to be taken to guarantee the performance of the machine after it has been finally installed such as the use of an isolated foundation block, for example. On certain occasions where the job demands, we use our large floor shaker to excite the floor to simulate the vibrations likely to be input at the site of installation of sensitive machinery