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As well as the mechanical finger to initiate the emergency stop and trigger the start of timing, the kit includes an draw-string encoder to detect that the machine has stopped and to trigger the end of timing. A measuring wheel encoder is also available to measure machinery with continuous, rather than reciprocating motions, such as conveyor belts, etc. To ease report preparation, the results of a series of measurements can be stored in memory and later downloaded to a computer. The system includes a number of optional components such as remote releases, sturdy stands and carry cases.
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If your manufacturing operation involves the use of machinery such as presses, guillotines, conveyors and the like, then you need to know the stopping time of that machinery in order to make sure that it is appropriately guarded. UNIVIB offers a machinery stopping performance meter specifically designed for this purpose. At the heart of the UNIVIB stopping performance meter is a very accurate Interval Timer that measures the elapsed time between two events. When combined with a mechanical "finger" and a draw-string encoder motion detector, the Interval Timer becomes a machine stop time meter - an effective device for the measurement of the stopping performance of moving machinery incorporating light-guard safety systems, such as presses and shears.