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UNIVIB Ltd is a limited company registered in England, number 6398939 - VAT No. GB 920 3672 44

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Contact us to find out whether the application of a tuned vibration absorber could be useful in reducing the vibration of your machinery. We operate a worldwide, rapid-response, on-site troubleshooting service for the analysis of all types of machine vibration problem

Over the past three decades, UNIVIB engineers have applied tuned vibration absorbers (or tuned mass dampers as they are often known) to solve vibration problems on countless different machines including machining centres, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, boring machines, rolling mills and pcb-drilling machines to name but a few. Tuned dampers represent a simple, low-cost, bolt-on solution that can be retro-fitted to virtually any type of machine or other structure.

They are an extremely effective way of adding spade-loads of damping to poorly-damped structures and can therefore be used to suppress all manner of resonant vibration problem, self-excited chatter instability of metal cutting machinery being perhaps the most common.