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Where the vibration problem involves self-excited chatter instability, or resonant magnification, we carry out modal analysis to identify the deflection modes associated with the offending resonance. To the left you can see an example of the results of a modal test carried out on a large machining centre - the animation shows it vibrating at resonance in slow-motion, exaggerated animation.

click here to see the mode shape in animation

For more than 30 years, UNIVIB engineers have provided a worldwide rapid-response, on-site vibration consultancy, vibration analysis and troubleshooting service to the manufacturers and users of all kinds of manufacturing and industrial machinery. The primary objective of the service has been to identify the causes of abnormal vibrations, especially those that degrade the quality of the finished product, whether this be in terms of its surface appearance or its accuracy and repeatability.

All our vibration measurement and vibration analysis is carried out on-site using portable instrumentation and we are proud of our ability to respond most rapidly to calls for assistance.

Although our recommendations may include criticisms of the design we realise that it is rarely an option to do anything about this, so will always try to suggest practical modifications that can be retro-fitted to the machinery. We will also do our utmost to try, if possible, to find a simple, low-cost solution to a problem, such as that offered by the application of a tuned vibration absorber - see our Tuned Mass Dampers page for some examples of the many such devices that we have successfully applied to solve vibration problems over the years. Understanding the problem through vibration analysis is always the starting point!