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On-site investigations typically require around two or thee days access to the machine in question. All our vibration analysis investigations are followed up with a detailed technical report describing the results and including video clips of animated mode shapes.

If you are struggling with a problem of vibration, let us know - we may be able to find the solution!
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Over the last three decades, UNIVIB engineers have carried out over 500 vibration analysis investigations on a huge range of machines and machinery covering a broad spectrum of industries. These include:

- steel and aluminium rolling mills (see the mill chatter studies page for more details)
- roll grinding machine vibration(see our grinder chatter studies page for more details)
- roll texturing machines
- levelling and flatening machines (see our leveller chatter studies page for more detail)
- roll spin-casting machine vibration
- coating machines and other equipment used in litho plate manufacture
- paper mill vibration
- printing presses and other printing machinery
- optical imaging machines used in the publishing industry
- all types of machine tool vibration
- transfer line vibration
- overhead crane vibration
- aluminium re-cycling ovens
- sorting machines
- food production machinery
- motor/pump vibration
- building vibration
- bridge vibration